Rescue Dogs<3

Rescuing a dog, or any animal for that matter, is a rewarding feeling. We have gotten all of our dogs from the pound, but as puppies. Then we adopted Moe. He was a four-year-old black lab with aggressive tendencies. I’m happy to say that these aggressive tendencies have turned into eccentric qualities that make Moe an entertaining companion.

We like to refer to Moe as an “oral” dog. He puts everything in his mouth, especially hands. He doesn’t bite them, just holds them there. His favorite things are walks, tissues and blankets. He eats the tissues and blankets (also likes to “dance” with the blanket). When you try to put his collar on to go on a walk, he gets so excited that he literally cannot contain himself. He jumps and barks and tries to wiggle his way into the collar before you are ready.

on a walk 🙂

He is the most loving dog; when we first got him, cuddling was an awkward practice for our Moe. However, with careful imitation of his younger brother, Mac, Moe has learned how to be affectionate.  Something as simple as sitting next to him on the floor prompts excessive tail wagging and face licking. He will roll his chubby belly upwards and curl his cute black paws inwards, his big brown eyes begging for a belly rub.

One magical transformation has been Moe’s ability and desire to play, either with other dogs or people. He did not understand the concept of a toy. Thankfully, Mac, still a puppy when Moe came to us, is a playful and brave dog. He played with Moe before Moe knew how, antagonizing him until Moe couldn’t help but engage with him by chasing him. Now, when you ask Moe to go get his toy, his tail wags and he will promptly supply a toy.

playing with Mac.

For anyone who is considering adopting a dog, an older dog offers unique challenges. They have personalities that can be challenging but that makes the bond and understanding between dog and guardian that much stronger. I would strongly advise anyone who is thinking about getting a dog to consider rescuing and to look into mature dogs that are available.

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