Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum

On Saturday a group of us visited the Tuol Sleng Museum, or S21 Security Prison, another remnant from the Khmer Rogue. Like the Killing Fields, this is not a place for the easily disturbed. It is heart-wrenching to walk through these buildings, that formed a high school before the Khmer Rogue took over, and see... Continue Reading →



I haven't been doing much writing since I have been in Cambodia, but I wrote this one a few days ago after a wonderful meditation session and it has stuck with me so I thought I would share. _________________________________________________________________ love is an ocean in my brain it’s loud, powerful message crashing on the soft, spongy... Continue Reading →

Out and About in Phnom Penh

Well, I must say I am thoroughly delighted with my decision to return to Cambodia for my volunteer commitment. I have been having so much fun the past two, almost three, weeks and Phnom Penh is stealing my heart slowly but surely. I have almost met some amazing people that are a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

Kampot Dreaming…

I spent this past weekend in the old French town on Kampot, which is in southern Cambodia. It was amazing. We stayed at this wonderful guesthouse called Bodhi Villas, which was right on a river. It was a total hippie hangout, with great books scattered everywhere and people discussing everything under the sun in many... Continue Reading →

eating my way through Bangkok

The food in Thailand was absolutely amazing; people raved about it before I left and I was excited too. I have liked all the Thai food I've eaten in the US but....the reality of the food in Thailand is a thousand times better. I wish I could have eaten at more places and tried more... Continue Reading →

Bangkok Art & Cultural Center

Thailand was such a whirlwind of emotion and activity that it is difficult to know what I should write about. My first blog from Thailand will be about the awesome trip I took to the Bangkok Art & Cultural Center (BACC). I was there on Sunday, February 3 (my birthday!) and I could have spent... Continue Reading →

a whirlwind weekend in Sihanoukville

This is jumping back a few weekends for me but after the first two weeks of our program we spent the weekend in Sihanoukville. Although it was so much fun, it was bittersweet to see our group part ways. When you spend two weeks pretty much nonstop with a group of people you can get... Continue Reading →

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