a whirlwind weekend in Sihanoukville

This is jumping back a few weekends for me but after the first two weeks of our program we spent the weekend in Sihanoukville. Although it was so much fun, it was bittersweet to see our group part ways. When you spend two weeks pretty much nonstop with a group of people you can get close to people. But I am excited for everyone to get where they want to be and start teaching and living! And a beach weekend is always a great way to say goodbye.

at our karaoke party the last night in Phnom Pen

It was a four hour bus ride to the coast and far more comfortable than the road to Siem Reap. The hotel we stayed at was a two minute walk to the main beach, Serendipity Beach. Serendipity Beach is nice enough but you are constantly being targeted for manicures and pedicures, facials, even threading. I had a manicure and pedicure on the beach though, beer in hand, and it was pretty wonderful. It was also my first ever manicure and pedicure and I can’t imagine a better setting than a beach in Cambodia. There were also a ton of surf shops along the street to the beach so I was in shopping heaven. Friday night a friend and I went to the bar on the pier and drank wine all night and chatted about how we couldn’t believe we were in Cambodia and how excited we were to get to Thailand!

this is Serendipity Beach in the morning, before it becomes crowded with backpackers, beachgoers, drinkers and countless people trying to sell you things or make you over.
the view from the pier of Serendipity Beach at nighttime

Saturday was an amazing day. Madeline and I rented bikes and rode to the beach one the other end of town, Victory Beach, and met up with our less adventurous (but smarter) friends who had taken touk-touks there. The beach ride was pretty but it was hilly and the gears on my bike were iffy. Plus, I forgot to take into account that I would be having beers on the beach as the point of going to Victory Beach was to see the airport bar. The airport bar is an old airport hanger that still has airplanes hanging in it! The entire front of the hanger is open to the white sands and clear water of Victory Beach. The beach was less crowded and less rowdy than Serendipity Beach and there weren’t children everywhere trying to sell you bracelets and such, which was a nice change. The water was the perfect temperature and there were fun waves to play in! We also built a pretty wonderful drip sand castle 🙂

The view of Victory Beach when you are sitting the airport bar having drinks 🙂
building an awesome drip sand castle!

On Saturday night, three of us plus a new friend from our hotel, rented a traditional Thai longboat and went fishing during the sunset. It was a pretty fantastic experience, minus the fact that I did get sea sick. But I pushed through it and saw that sun set over the water. No one caught anything all that great but our friend from the hotel caught a puffer fish which was pretty cool. I took it easy Saturday night and packed and got ready to head to Thailand early the next day!

sunset over the Gulf of Thailand
friends on a fishing boat.

Despite the fact that minimal sleep was had over these two days, the fun and adventure were definitely worth it!

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