Saturday Adventures

I seriously am in love with Cambodia, and, more specifically, the people here. They are among the most generous and kind people I have had the privilege of knowing throughout my life. I know this is a strong generalization, but I am basing it on the very real and genuine interactions I have had with... Continue Reading →


the appeal of remaining lost.

I have spent countless hours thinking about this word, this concept, and how the meaning of it in its entirety fits into my life. I love the word and the meaning behind it. Lost, in my mind, is a wonderful way to be. I am lost within the beauty and magic that this world has... Continue Reading →

Kampot Revisited

This past Friday was International Women’s Day, which meant another three-day weekend here in Cambodia. They are huge fans of holidays and subsequently, three-day weekends which I am not complaining about because it gave me a reason, or possibly an excuse, to bus it on down to Kampot for another relaxing weekend. This time, Ben... Continue Reading →

Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

I just got done reading Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom. It is a stunning book. The beginning is a little bit tough just because there is so much background knowledge and information that needs to be presented and shared. Once Mandela begins describing the struggle and the process involved behind their actions, the... Continue Reading →

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