adjusting yet again to Cambodia

It is amazing how the routine of home sets in so quickly. I was only home for two and a half weeks and four of those days were spent in Vegas. However, it has still taken me the better part of a week to become content in Cambodia…and it is not quite the same feeling I had before my trip to the States. I have by no means given up on Cambodia. I am, however, more open to ideas about the near future.

Thankfully I have made some genuine friends over here who helped pull me out of my slump. And by Saturday, when we hosted a pool party for the SSD kids, I was feeling better. I was busy throughout the week, despite my sluggish mood. I got a job and worked two days. I am a kindergarten teacher at a small school in Phnom Penh. The job is manageable and the kids are fantastic, as well as the rest of the staff, especially the Khmer staff. I also found a yoga studio so I can start practicing again! Last, but not least, I began the process of trying to find a women’s rights NGO to volunteer with.

The highlight of the week was most definitely the pool party, however. The pool party was announced in the LanguageCorps newsletter so a bunch of graduates who had taught at SSD came. The kids love seeing everyone and there are enough kids to go around so the more people to entertain and talk to them the better! LanguageCorps provided hamburgers and hot dogs and french fries.

The kids went absolutely crazy in the pool, splashing around, wrestling, playing games. I was surprised that no one got injured, to be honest. These kids are so resilient and tough. They continue to be the friendliest, most appreciative children. Every time I see them, it warms my heart and inspires me to be a happier, more enthusiastic person. We are already planning our next dinner at the SSD compound!










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