it’s time to learn Khmer

I have been in Cambodia for almost six whole months at this point. I should be able to communicate in the Khmer language; however, this is not the case. I have no excuses. I work with a mainly Khmer staff that I’m sure would be happy to teach me. I have the tuk-tuk drivers downstairs.... Continue Reading →


(mostly) vegan in Cambodia

When I arrived in Cambodia in January I was a complete vegetarian and I was excited to be in a place that did not have the abundance of dairy products that the US boasts. I thought making the switch to (almost) vegan would be easier here. Boy was I wrong. There is meat in everything... Continue Reading →

The Royal Palace

I have lived in Cambodia for six months now and I finally made it to the Royal Palace. In my defense, the Palace was closed to visitors the first two months I was here because King Sihanouk had recently passed. The grounds were beautiful but, for a $6.50 entrance fee, the Palace was slightly disappointing.... Continue Reading →

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