(mostly) vegan in Cambodia

fresh fruit!
fresh fruit

When I arrived in Cambodia in January I was a complete vegetarian and I was excited to be in a place that did not have the abundance of dairy products that the US boasts. I thought making the switch to (almost) vegan would be easier here. Boy was I wrong. There is meat in everything here! And not pretty meat, not meat that tastes good, but meat that people eat so they won’t starve. After being vegetarian for two weeks here in Cambodia I finally gave in and began eating meat again. I blamed it on the language barrier and the availability.

Well, I have come to my senses once again. After watching this video I made a decision to stop eating meat again. I watched Vegucated and Fresh just to re-expose myself to the atrocities that meat production does to the environment and the animals themselves.

And then I was at the market yesterday and I realized how silly my rationalizations to eat meat again had been. Here I was in a beautiful country with ample amounts of fresh, local fruits and vegetables. On top of that, there are so many brand new fruits and vegetables to experiment with and enjoy. So I spent $7 yesterday (a TON of money) at the market on fun fruits and vegetables. I am committing to eating (almost) vegan. I still eat eggs and yogurt. The eggs here, however, are not massed produced. I have seen the chickens and they are definitely not getting any hormones and they are genetically sound. The yogurt is really just my indulgence.

As I embark upon my new challenge in Cambodia, I leave you with some delectable pictures of the markets where I am privileged to shop.

fresh noodles for sale
fresh noodles for sale
more fresh produce
more fresh produce
produce at phsar tool tom pong (Russian Market)
produce at phsar tool tom pong (Russian Market)


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