New Adventures

Well. It’s been a long time since I’ve updated this site. I’ve grown up, seen some awesome shit, and moved around a little bit. I’ve left Cambodia and all the precious memories that I made there. I road-tripped around the United States and lived at Crater Lake, Oregon, which is one of the most magical places. I’ve had my mind blown and my heart shattered. I’ve learned a tremendous amount about myself and what I value and want out of life and the relationships that I choose to engage in. I spent the winter in Columbus, Ohio, working, saving money and exploring some amazing sites around here that I never knew existed.

But now it’s time for the next adventure: I am moving to Nicaragua to run a hostel on the beach. I am so excited for beach bum life, learning Spanish and exploring a new place and culture daily. One of my goals is to write more so I am going to start updating this page again, hopefully with some interesting content. My last week in Ohio will be spent working and seeing family and organizing all of my stuff that just seems to accumulate whenever I am settled for more than a month or two at one place. I am leaving some pictures of the awesome places that I’ve been to in the past year.

Much love. ❤

Crater Lake
Sunset from Cloud Cap at Crater Lake, Oregon.
Playing on the rocks in Moab, Utah.
Driving along Highway 1 in California.
Kings Canyon National Park, California
Big tree lovin’ at Sequoia National Park, California.


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