So I want to be a stargazer

Last summer I discovered the joy and excitement of laying on your back all night long and staring at the stars and moon. I started to notice how they danced with each other, slowly making their journey across the skies each night. We were living outside of Crater Lake National Park and I couldn’t believe how the stars were, how deep, thick and bright they were. I saw the Milky Way burning brightly every single night from my front porch. I love the stars for how small they make me feel, in such a good way. The complexity and design behind the universe is a question for people much smarter than me, however I take away my own lessons when I look up towards the sky each night.

Now here, on a secluded beach in Nicaragua, the Milky Way once again shines brightly outside my “front porch” every night, over the Pacific. The stars look differently here and I’ve been here for over a week but I’ve not been able to spy the moon yet. Last night I sat outside and watched the Milky Way grow to its full brightness. I watched a storm out over the ocean, ominous black clouds that were continually changing shape and seemed to be pressing down on the water. I watched the storm clouds roll in and cover everything in the sky. I was present when the clouds dissipated and the Milky Way reemerged.

I’ve been feeling a desire to learn more about the sky, to know the constellations and planets and moon cycles. I want to understand a little better what I am looking at when I look up. I’ve begun doing a little research online, but if anyone can suggest any books, resources or videos I would appreciate it.

I have included some pictures below. They are not mine. I am not talented enough to take pictures of the night sky. These are from my partner in crime, @oddvacado. If you’ve got time, go check out his online portfolio for some mind-blowing photographs.

The Milky Way with Palm Tree
The Milky Way outside the ‘front porch.’ It doesn’t get much better than watching galaxies move across the sky and ocean waves crashing in the background.
The Milky Way 1
The Milky Way from the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. [Playa San Diego]

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