Last day at the beach

Today is our last day at the beach. It has been three weeks of days with no plans except a brilliant sunset. As I get ready to leave I begin thinking that I have taken this time for granted. How many people would love to have three weeks to do only whatever you want to?

The tide coming in. [Playa San Diego, July 2017]
And I have spent a lot of my time thinking about what I am doing next – where to go and what to see and how to get there. I wonder if I have made the most of time here? But I had the same sort of feelings when I left Cambodia after three years, Oregon after three months and Columbus after seven months. Maybe the problem that I’m struggling with is myself not being present enough, not understanding that this moment right in front of me is precious and worthy of gratitude.

Rainy days and palm trees. [Playa San Diego, July 2017]
I’ve struggled with this often throughout my days, always being focused on what’s coming next. I don’t think it’s a negative thing to be thinking about your next moves in life. Life’s not going to stop anytime soon and I don’t want to become stuck in any place or pattern. I do wish that I could stop the thought process sometimes and be more alive in the current moment. It’s a good concept to be working on and it seems like it will be a constant battle in my own mind and life to slow down and enjoy what is given to me. So my goal today is to savor the sound of the waves and the sand between my toes; to engage with the people that I am surrounded by right here, right now. We are moving on tomorrow but I don’t want that to be the focus of my last day in the special place.

Soft sunsets. [Playa San Diego, August 2017]
Does anyone else feel this way when they are about to leave somewhere? How do you engage more with the present moment and stay focused on being grateful for what is in front of you?

Dramatic sunsets [Playa San Diego, July 2017]

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  1. Wow Kelly!Leaving so soon? Thought it was a 3 month gig, not 3 weeks. So, again, what happened with Peru? What about back to Bodia?Good thing I didn’t go through with plans to visit, as I wouldn’t have been down there til next week. Why the early exit and, more interested in – WHERE next?? “You’re lost little girl…” Nice blog! To answer your 1st question; Allways. Your 2nd and last ending blog question; We’ll have to “highly” discuss when we meet again. It’s complicated, but the fact that you asked it, says you’re there…for now.  I too am a lost little boy, always searching…now in Coatapec, Mexico. Going to Puebla in a few days and flying back to Cleveland in time to rent a car and road trip to the Total Eclipse.  Think I told you, selling home in BTB, and moving to Siam Reap. Love my girl Khoeun, and specially attached. I’d be more lost without her in my life.  Travel safe and YES, Enjoy the moments.  Let me know.  
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