Plans change. For two weeks in Nicaragua I worried about what was to come next. Where should we go? What made the most sense? Then an 8-hour bus ride from Leon to Isla de Ometepe happened and we came to the conclusion that we wanted to be in Oregon. It had been the original plan all along and it felt right. Money would be tight and we weren’t sure the car could make it from Florida to Ohio and out to Oregon but it was a risk we were willing to take.

We didn’t see this sign this time…this time we entered from the East and saw the Oregon desert for the first time!

It was an eventful three weeks for us to finally make it out to Oregon. The car broke down twice on us (once in Ohio and once in Oregon); we had to stay an extra few days in Colorado due to wildfires raging all across the states. We finally made it to Eugene on September 11. On the twelfth we started looking for work. It took us two weeks, but we both worked our first shifts last night.

Spirit Falls in the North Umpqua.

The past month has been a test of patience and trust. I am trying to remember that the universe puts us where we need to be. Despite all of the unexpected, the past month has been beautiful. It has been an adventure. Now we are here and things are working out. Sometimes at the last minute, but things are working. And it still feels like we made the right decision.

Crater Lake Summer 2016. We lived here last summer and fell in love.

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