It’s difficult to believe that I’ve been here in Eugene for not even three whole months (okay in three days it will be three months). Life here is starting to feel settled, normal. Don’t get me wrong, this is a good thing. It’s something that I have been craving for a long time: to feel settled. I love cooking meals and having candles to light. Oh, and I have definitely jumped aboard the essential oil train so my new apartment smells amazing all the time.

Gorgeous colors my walk to work.

But now I have this lingering question in the back of my mind: now what? What do I do with my life? I’m sure it’s a question asked my a lot, if not most people, at least once in their lives. I want to do something with my life. I think a lot about going back to teaching but I have some reservations. I can’t afford graduate school would be the first one; I’m also just not sure I want to teach in the States. I don’t imagine it will be anything like my teaching rendezvous in Cambodia. I think about starting my own business….but doing what? I think about getting involved with nonprofits. I think about working towards saving the environment.

On the Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving 2017.

I’m at a point now where I feel as if I should just make a decision and go for it. But I also think that I should allow what is meant to be to manifest and come to fruition. Although many things sound appealing to me, there’s nothing at the moment that is truly calling me, beckoning me.

Dramatic lighting while out hiking.

So I’m biding my time for the moment and trying to keep myself busy with yoga, learning about essential oils, reading, cleaning, cooking and some hiking.  Life really is good. I know that this “problem” I have is nothing to be upset over, but I feel like I’ve reached that time in my life. I’m thirty now and what am I doing?

In the meantime while I continue to mule over this question, anyone have any good hiking recommendations around Eugene? I’m always up for another adventure.


I love seeing rainbows. Saw this coming home from hiking the other day.

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  1. Love you sweet Kelly. Glad to hear you are happy and settled. I trust God has great plans for your life; you are amazing, talented and intelligent.

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