A Walk Through a Khmer Wedding

I have been absolutely horrendous at updating this blog for a while now. I’d like to say it’s because I’ve been so busy and engaged that I haven’t had time to but that is not the case, sadly. I have been lazy, pure and simple. Some amazing things have happened over the past four and... Continue Reading →

Falling More in Love with Kampot

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of returning to Kampot. Kampot is by far one of my favorite places in Cambodia, probably one of my favorite places in the whole world. It is a sleepy town situated on a river. It is quiet and friendly. The town itself is still very active - there... Continue Reading →

chasing waterfalls: adventures in Mondulkiri, Cambodia

Well, this past weekend was spent in the middle of the jungle and atop mountains, riding motos on dirt roads and chasing waterfalls. There was a two-day holiday from work because of the Water Festival, which made for a four-day weekend. We went to the travel agency and asked where we should go. Ten minutes... Continue Reading →

local wats

One Saturday morning last month, I took the chance to finally visit two of the wat that are within walking distance to my apartment. It is really sad that this adventure took seven months to come to fruition, but it was a wonderful Saturday morning.   The first wat I went to was Wat Botum.... Continue Reading →

sunshine and the sea

My little sister arrived in Cambodia last week. Finally. I took four days off work and we left Phnom Penh almost immediately and headed to Sihanoukville. It was wonderful to spend some time relaxing in the sun and swimming in the sea. We kept it pretty low-key the entire time. Some day drinks and bike... Continue Reading →

time flies when you’re having fun (and working too :)

Wow! I can’t believe it’s September. I have been absent from here for two whole months. Life is Phnom Penh has been good. I have been concentrating mainly on becoming better at my job. Teaching little kids is definitely an introspective experience in some ways. I have learned new things about me daily for the... Continue Reading →

it’s time to learn Khmer

I have been in Cambodia for almost six whole months at this point. I should be able to communicate in the Khmer language; however, this is not the case. I have no excuses. I work with a mainly Khmer staff that I’m sure would be happy to teach me. I have the tuk-tuk drivers downstairs.... Continue Reading →

(mostly) vegan in Cambodia

When I arrived in Cambodia in January I was a complete vegetarian and I was excited to be in a place that did not have the abundance of dairy products that the US boasts. I thought making the switch to (almost) vegan would be easier here. Boy was I wrong. There is meat in everything... Continue Reading →

The Royal Palace

I have lived in Cambodia for six months now and I finally made it to the Royal Palace. In my defense, the Palace was closed to visitors the first two months I was here because King Sihanouk had recently passed. The grounds were beautiful but, for a $6.50 entrance fee, the Palace was slightly disappointing.... Continue Reading →

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