adjusting yet again to Cambodia

It is amazing how the routine of home sets in so quickly. I was only home for two and a half weeks and four of those days were spent in Vegas. However, it has still taken me the better part of a week to become content in Cambodia...and it is not quite the same feeling... Continue Reading →

saying goodbye to the SSD kids.

My volunteer time has come to an end at SSD. It was a really tough last few days, knowing that I won’t get to be a regular part of their lives anymore. However, we did do some really fun things this past week with the kids! On Tuesday, myself and some other people I know... Continue Reading →

Out and About in Phnom Penh

Well, I must say I am thoroughly delighted with my decision to return to Cambodia for my volunteer commitment. I have been having so much fun the past two, almost three, weeks and Phnom Penh is stealing my heart slowly but surely. I have almost met some amazing people that are a lot of fun... Continue Reading →

New Years’ Resolutions.

It’s Resolution time. I am not a fan of resolutions simply because keeping a commitment to myself for 365 days is a laughable task in my book. But this year I think I have come up with a resolution that will truly enhance this next year of my life. So I am going to make... Continue Reading →

Books, Literacy and Why it Matters in My Life.

I am reading Opium Nation by Fariba Nawa - I picked it up off the shelf at the library because of the name and the cover. I know you are not supposed to judge a book by its cover but that method has worked out for me quite a few times. As I read this wonderfully informative... Continue Reading →

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