Inspired by McDowell Creek Falls —

March 6, 2018 Sun filters through the trees, boasting moss-covered branches in the delicate light rays Water rushes down black, basalt domes; droplets bounce into the air, feeding drooping ferns Day and night, week after month, water carves the basalt, an ever-changing masterpiece Water will continue to flow, caress, ebb whether I witness it or... Continue Reading →


first short story post

Writing has always been a passion of mine. Unfortunately, I feel as if I don't practice enough and don't make myself try harder at it. I'm not making any commitments here on this site, but I am going to share with you one short story that I wrote recently, inspired by a picture I saw... Continue Reading →

the appeal of remaining lost.

I have spent countless hours thinking about this word, this concept, and how the meaning of it in its entirety fits into my life. I love the word and the meaning behind it. Lost, in my mind, is a wonderful way to be. I am lost within the beauty and magic that this world has... Continue Reading →


I haven't been doing much writing since I have been in Cambodia, but I wrote this one a few days ago after a wonderful meditation session and it has stuck with me so I thought I would share. _________________________________________________________________ love is an ocean in my brain it’s loud, powerful message crashing on the soft, spongy... Continue Reading →

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