Falling More in Love with Kampot

Two weeks ago I had the pleasure of returning to Kampot. Kampot is by far one of my favorite places in Cambodia, probably one of my favorite places in the whole world. It is a sleepy town situated on a river. It is quiet and friendly. The town itself is still very active - there... Continue Reading →


Kampot Revisited

This past Friday was International Women’s Day, which meant another three-day weekend here in Cambodia. They are huge fans of holidays and subsequently, three-day weekends which I am not complaining about because it gave me a reason, or possibly an excuse, to bus it on down to Kampot for another relaxing weekend. This time, Ben... Continue Reading →

Kampot Dreaming…

I spent this past weekend in the old French town on Kampot, which is in southern Cambodia. It was amazing. We stayed at this wonderful guesthouse called Bodhi Villas, which was right on a river. It was a total hippie hangout, with great books scattered everywhere and people discussing everything under the sun in many... Continue Reading →

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